When starting a business you need an attorney that thinks like an entrepreneur and understands small business. As the owner of my own firm I know the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face when trying to get a venture off the ground. Copyright law, trademark law, internet law, license agreement and drafting, as well as business planning and formation are all my areas of expertise.

The Ritter Law Firm has four goals:

  1. Ease the fears of small business owners and provide them with solid legal guidance.
  2. Change the business owner’s perspective of attorneys.
  3. Protect small business owners by limiting liability and identifying and protecting their intellectual property assets.
  4. Provide excellent service in a manner that is efficient, cost-effective and clear.


Experienced Attorney – New to Oxford, MS

Ritter Law Firm, LLC is an experienced firm that is new to the Oxford, MS community.

Elizabeth Ritter started the firm in 2010 when she was based in Birmingham, AL. Now the entire family has moved to Oxford, MS and she is excited to be a part of this vibrant community.

And, while Elizabeth's address has changed, her focus on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs has not. Contact her today for a low cost initial consultation on how to get your big idea off the ground.