Ritter Law Firm

In 2010 I started the Ritter Law Firm to meet the legal needs of the small business owner in the Birmingham, AL, metropolitan area. Now I'm excited to bring and share my knowledge with my new community in Oxford, MS. In the first few years of practice, I found myself in meetings with business owners who were stressed out, frazzled, and in fear of contacting an attorney due to concerns over excessive hourly rates and unnecessary legal jargon. As time went on I noticed a pattern with these business owners. The main reason for their stress usually fell in one of following categories:

  • Didn’t know where to start with business? Do you need a business entity and/or license? If yes, what type? How do you file with the state and the IRS? What about city business licenses?
  • How to name their business? At what point do you need to copyright or trademark your business name and/or logo?
  • How to move from a home office to commercial space? You’ve found the space but the landlord just handed you a 40-page lease. You are very intimidated by this and don’t understand the language.
  • Have a corporation and granted shares, but don’t know how to manage them? How are you supposed to document these shares and does it require you to have meetings and minutes?
  • How to manage employees? What are your obligations to employees from a healthcare standpoint and also what type of agreement should you have with them?
  • How to handle a cease and desist order? Maybe your business name is similar to another and you are not sure how to respond to this order to avoid a costly lawsuit.
  • Want to sell your business in 10-15 years? What do you do now to ensure you can get top dollar down the line?

The goal of my firm is to answer these questions and provide my clients with peace of mind and a solid foundation for their business.


About Elizabeth Ritter

If you are going to hire an attorney for your business, you obviously want to know their credentials, but I think you should also know my philosophy and approach to law in general.

Educational Background

I’m a graduate of the Loyola University School of Law (2003) with a bachelors’ degree in History from Rhodes College (2000). You do not want to play Trivial Pursuit with me.

Following graduation I moved to Birmingham and worked as an associate for Goodrich Law Firm for seven years. In June 2010, I decided to branch out on my own and start Ritter Law Firm, LLC.

My Approach To Law

As a small business owner, I believe I am uniquely qualified to address the issues and pain points of small business owners. I have a developed the following process to ensure my services are both efficient and cost effective.

  1. We start with a consultation either via phone or in person where I answer the small business owners questions and set an action plan for moving forward that takes into account the client’s specific business, legal needs and budget. I do not sell unnecessary services.
  2. I provide many services at a flat fee. If the service is provided at an hourly rate, then I give a quoted range so the small business owner can budget accordingly. As a small business owner myself, I know that the bottom line is crucial.
  3. Clients feel comfortable calling or sending me an email when they have a question. If the answer only takes 5-10 minutes, then they will not receive a bill.
  4. I often assist clients through every phase of their business from the formation all the way through the sale. My goal and desire is to create a long-term relationship with the client and to serve as a trusted advisor.
  5. I do not use legal jargon. It used to be the fashion to use unnecessarily complicated and technical language in emails to clients. This language was primarily used to impress them with the sender’s knowledge. My belief and experience is that small business owners prefer clear and concise language in agreements and in emails and letters – that is what I provide.
  6. The attorney/client relationship is based on mutual respect. We respect each others time and opinions and work together to achieve the client’s goals.

If you are a small business owner that has asked any of the questions in this section and not received an answer, please call (662) 607-4082 and allow me the opportunity to assist you and your business.